Monday, January 24, 2011

Where it all started: Mexico, Part Uno.

I am one lucky gal. In the last three years, I have had the opportunity to visit Mexico (Cancun, to be exact) not once... but six times, the last time being this past week!
We have also traveled to Florida multiple times, Aruba, and Las Vegas (but those trips are for another post, another time :)
But back to my first trip to Mexico... (where I got bit by the "travel bug")
I think what did it was this...

Yup, pretty sure that crystal clear aqua blue ocean is what did it... Oh and of course, these too...

Fruity cocktails that were served in carved local fruit. (The fruit & vegetables in Mexico taste AMAZING! So different from supermarket produce that I get here.) 

But putting the amazing views, perfect weather, and fruity drinks served a la fruit was the locals. And those that actually lived in this paradise. Those that worked here. I think I was amazed at how. hard. they. work. and for mere dollars a DAY. Not hourly, daily wage: $4.21. Four dollars and twenty one cents per day to literally shovel shit and smile. (Tourists are not the easiest people to please) I think being around the locals made me take a hard look at my life. I was given a reality check:

My reality check was this: Be grateful. Be grateful for everything I have, and not pine over what I do not have. Be thankful that I am surrounded by loved ones, and that each new day brings new opportunities. Smile and keep pushing forward. Just because; it could always be worse...

- Aimee


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