Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mexico: Part dos

I love how I get to relive my Mexican vacations through these posts! I left off with pictures and a bit of experience from our first trip there... I didn't mention the resort much, well because it was kind of bad. Our first vacation to Mexico, my boyfriend (TFK) wanted everything to be perfect. So he took the internet and scoured websites like Tripadvisor etc to find the highest rated one... Sadly my baby fell into a trap and was completely mislead. The resort was nothing like it was online, and the customer service was awful. The food was terrible. For us to think food is bad, it has to be pretty bad. I am not a picky AT ALL but it was your typical day old buffet -- every meal. But, regardless of this, I knew we would be back to Mexico -- I had fallen in love.

Second time around -- I did my homework. And I found the most amazing Luxury All Inclusive resort in Cancun, Mexico. Newly opened, I knew from the moment we were greeted with champagne and cold face-cloths that I had found a gem. And a gem it is! (Clearly since we have been back 5 other times since our first trip in 2009!) When I tell people that the food at this resort is literally some of the best food I have EVER had, I doubt anyone believes me. But OH. MY. DELICIOUS. Everything was so fresh, that it was this resort that I feel in love sushi! Even the "buffet" was amazing, with show-cooking as well as a separate al a carte menu. The resort even had an Teppanyaki Show at the Asian restaurant. The place is pretty baller. 

But above everything, it was the people who work there that MADE our vacation. We have literally formed relationships with some of the staff at this resort, and it is them that keep us coming back. The second time we went to Cancun, was even more amazing than the first and each time thereafter; it has just been a slice of paradise.

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The "secret box" for room service. It is connected to the hall. Room service can just be left in there and you can pick it up on your side -- in case you are 'busy'  =)

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Of course, I totally dragged TKF to the most "touristy" spots around like Senor Frogs and Margaritaville. Yes, I love hokie, touristy stuff.

Yea... Good times. Good times.



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